Help! Does a VPN protect your computer from viruses?


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VPN’s are great tools to ensure a safe connection between you and the internet. However, a common question is often if they do protect your computer from viruses as well?

The short answer is no, they don’t. VPNs are purely web oriented but they do help to keep some of your data encrypted to your attacker. Everything you download can still be infected with a virus and therefore be installed onto your computer.

In the following post we go more into detail about the correct way to use a vpn. Also we will look at some free software that in combination with a VPN ensures a virus free and healthy computer!

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How does a VPN protect your computer?

Like I said, they don’t. The only thing a VPN really does is funnel your connection through a secure server where the data gets encrypted. Eventhough you might think this makes it impossible to, for example, install malmware on your computer, it isn’t.

The hacker receives the data from the server which in return receives it from you. Meaning it comes from a trusted source and will therefore be decrypted.

Basically this means that your hacker will be no different than your internet browser in the eyes of your VPN.

You are being watched!

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Best additional software against virusus

So what is the best way to protect your computer against virusus? There are of course hundreds of anti-virus softwares out there. The following tools are my favourite, are best when combined with a VPN, and above all they are free!

LuLu an open source tool to monitor your connections (mac)

Combined with a VPN, LuLu is the perfect tool to protect your computer from virusus and unwanted eyes. It is extremely simple and open source so 100% safe as well.

LuLu protects your connection from the source. Meaning that unlike a VPN it monitors Exactly what program is connected to the internet. You can view and select which programs connected to the internet and the ones you don’t trust you simply deny access.

In the short future I will have a post with a full tutorial on how to use LuLu and there will be a link here. If you want to stay updated you can opt-in on my email list as well.

Malwarebytes, to scan and clean your computer (mac)

Malware is the most common type of virus and when infected can slow down your computer drastically. Often it is hard to locate the part on your computer that is infected and most times stay there for ever.

Malwarebytes is an amazing free tool that finds and deletes all suspicious software on your mac. It does so by scanning every file, looking for malicious parts of code.

Doing a scan with this tool once or twice per month does wonders. If you choose to go for the paid version you can also have it run continuously. 



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