How to setup a VPN for your playstation


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There are many reasons people want to set up a VPN on their playstation. There are many good reasons to do so. Maybe you want to make sure your connection is safe or you want to play with people form a different region. 

Whatever your reason might be we will help you set it up! It’s really easy.

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Why you should use a VPN on Playstation

As we all know playstation is a great console to play your favourite games on. But as some of you might remember in 2011 there was a huge data breach from anonymous attacking Sony playstation.

Even companies like Sony are not always safe and there can be various attacks putting your data at risk.

Almost all electronic devices use an internet connection nowadays. No matter which device you are using all connections from and to the internet should be safe and encrypted.

You are being watched!

Prevent unwanted eyes with a VPN. Let us show you how to torrent, stream, and browse without a trace.

Ways to set up a VPN on your PS4 or PS5

There are 2 simple ways to set up a VPN on your playstation. You can make it so that your playstation connect through your pc to a VPN or you can set up a vpn on your router.

1. Connect your playstation through another device

First we will be look at how to set up a vpn using another device. For this method you’r going to need the following three things:

  • A cross communication LAN cable (has to be cross communication).
  • Mac or windows computer with access to the internet.
  • And a VPN service. We will be using PIA in this tutorial.

At the moment I only have access to a mac. I will be updating this soon for windows users. I assume it should be roughly same steps.

Step one is to set up your VPN and connect it to the internet. Once that is done connect the console with your computer using the cross comunication LAN cable.

Next you need to go to your mac settings and select “sharing”. On the left you click on internet sharing. 

At “Share your connection from:” Select your incoming connection to the computer, for example, wifi. Where it says “computers using:” select the poort you have just connected the LAN cable attached to your playstation to.

Once selected put a tick in the box next to internet sharing on the left. there should now be a green Dot saying internet sharing: on.

Here is an example of what it should look like:

When everything is done correct there should now be a connection over VPN between your pc and your playstation.

On your playstation do a network test to see if it’s working. If it connects, you now have a safe connection!

2. Installing a VPN directly on your router

Another more complex solution is to set up a VPN on your router. This makes it so that all the traffic that is comes from your router is send through a VPN.

For this to work you need a specific router software. Most routers that come from your ISP or internet service provider will not work. Here is a list with tutorials on how to setup a VPN for each of these routers:

When you are done setting this up simply connect your playstation to your router and you will now be gaming over a secure VPN connection!

Which VPN should you use for your Playstation

One of the best VPN’s to use for playstation is North VPN. Whether you are playing a fps or watching playstation VUE, A fast and reliable connection are the main reason you want to choose North VPN.

With multiple years of experience, 1 million+ daily users, and a very cheap price you just can’t go wrong with North VPN.

If you want to know more about their VPN service and learn exactly how to set it up, check out this guide.



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