Mailfence vs Protonmail, which one is better for privacy?


Disclaimer: We do not support cracking, hacking or piracy in any form. This article is for educational purposes only. If you like what you are using, you should pay for it!

when you’re sending an email you want to be sure no one is Reading with you. there are many encrypted email services out there. two of them being Protonmail and Mailfence.

Which one should you be using for the best online security?

the short answer to the question which one is better mailfence or protonmail we can already conclude mailfence is the cheaper one and and protonmail the one with more features.

Needless to say both of them are well encrypted and secure. we did compare them both on their features, pricing, and security.

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What is Mailfence?

Mailfence is a Belgium company that launched their service in 1999.  when they started the company their main focus was online email privacy. 

Since they are located in Belgium you can be assured that your emails will be safe. Belgium has some of the strictest privacy protection laws. This means only local judges can request information and they must have a court order to do so. it rarely ever happens.

the great thing about Mailfence is the ability to use a free account without a lot of limitations.  in their free plan they offer full encrypted email storage up to 500 MB. 

Mailfence's premium plans:

Entry plan

The entry plan has 5GB in email storage, and 12GB of document storage. With this plan you can use three groups, have full access to support and you get 1 custom email domain. The cost for this plan are €2.50 per month.

Pro version

If you are planning to use Mailfence more often, a good idea would be to go for the pro version. This one includes 20 gb storage, 24 GB document storage up to 5 groups and all the other things included in the entry plan.

Ultra version

finally they have the ultra version for €25 per month you will get 50GB email storage and 70 GB document storage.

What we don't like about Mailfence

Although it’s a minor complaint we have to say it. Protonmail just simply has a more beautiful interface. The Mailfence interface is not bad it’s just not as clear as it’s compatitor.

You are being watched!

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What is Protonmail?

Protonmail is a community funded software based in Switserland. they are open source meaning that everyone can see how their software is operating. Proton mail claims to use all their profits from their premium accounts to further improve the security of their email service.

Millions of users are already using Protonmail and they claim to have the highest security on the market trustworthy email provider.

They offer a free plan as well as a premium service called:  plus, professional, visionary.

Protonmail's premium plans:

Free plan

With the free plan you get one user, 500mb of storage, 150 messages per day 3 email folders and limited support.

Plus pack

their plus plan includes 5 Gigabytes of storage, 5 email addresses, 1000 messages per day , 200 folders, normal support and costs €5 per month.

Professional pack

professional includes 1 – 5000 uses, has 5 GB of storage per user, unlimited messages, unlimited folders, includes priority support, two custom domains, and costs €8 per month per user.

Ultra version

when looking for an email provider for a company your best bet is to go for a visionary. this plan includes 6 users, 20 Gigabytes of storage, 50 address is, unlimited messages today, unlimited folders, 10 custom domains and priority support. this plan costs €30 per month or €288 per year.

What we don't like about Protonmail

There is really no use in the free plan if you are using your mail client for a company. If you have multiple people that will be using Protonmail their pricing can get pretty expensive real quick. 

Alternative encrypted mail services

Are you not sure yet which one you want to choose? There are many alternatives to Mailfence and Protonmail. We are constantly comparing different kinds of encrypted mailservices. Click here to read more!



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