Top 5 best anonymous offshore hosting plans of 2021


Disclaimer: We do not support cracking, hacking or piracy in any form. This article is for educational purposes only. If you like what you are using, you should pay for it!

When we think of offshore hosting, we typically associate it with illegal activities. But there are many other reasons to host your website or business in a foreign country. For example, if you’re concerned about personal safety and security, offshoring can be an effective measure to protect yourself and your family from harm.

Freedom of speech is another reason people choose to offshore their data storage needs. We from webdefs believe that everyone should be able to say what they want on the web.

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Our favourite

We choose AbeloHost as best offshore host in our test. Their speed, ease of use and outstanding support make them better than the rest. Also the fact that their servers are located in the Netherlands makes them in our eyes the best offshore hosting company.

1. AbeloHost

“Total privacy and data security”

AbeloHost guarantees total privacy, security and freedom of content for all international clients. They host their servers in the Netherlands where they’re inaccessible to anyone but AbeloHost team members and datacenter personnel. All hardware is privately owned by them so there’s no chance it can be accessed without permission!

Starting at $5.00 for a basic single website SSD the prices for AbeloHost aren’t too bad either. Are you planning to upscale? They offer VPS and even dedicated servers for ultimate power, speed and security.

Are you looking for the fastest offshore hosting? Abelohost promises on their site that they are constantly upgrading their hardware to the latest and greatest. After our own personal experience we can confirm they perform very well.

But the main reason we choose AbeloHost is by far their support. They help wherever they can and they do it quick! They even offer a design service if you are interested in that.

You are being watched!

Prevent unwanted eyes with a VPN. Let us show you how to torrent, stream, and browse without a trace.

2. Flaunt7

“99.99% uptime guaranteed”

With their Zero log policy Flaunt7 stands for privacy on the web. While registering you can even use a false name at check out. This makes it according to Bruno Mirchevski from the most suitable option for people looking for anonymity.

Pricing for services on are starting at $3.99/month for their shared offshore hosting plan. 

Flaunt7 guarantees an uptime of 99.99% which is really astonishing! Even-though these numbers are already great they are still improving their hard and software regularly.

3. Shinjiru

“Strongbold Offshore Hosting”

Shinjiru offers both domain registration and hosting services. They’ve been in business since the year 2000, with eight offshore locations. Their own dedicated servers and IP addresses means your site never goes down or has any security breaches thanks to a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. All registrations are backed by certification from ICANN.

Most of Shinjiru’s servers are located in Malaysia or Bulgaria. Their Bulgaria Linux Basic Plan with 100GB webspace and a single website starts at a price of $3.95 / month excluding the domain. 

Another thing we really liked about this company is that you can use Bitcoin as a payment option to guaranty optimal anonymity and privacy.

4. Hostpoco

“Lifetime Free Hosting”

Hostpoco is by far the cheapest offshore hosting on the list. They work on the basis of “No Profit No Loss”. This means you can get their hosting for as low as 0.5$ per month! There is also a lifetime free hosting option but we found that this is more a marketing stunt than a fully functioning webserver.

Furthermore, they also have options like: a free site builder, free migration, 30 day money back guarantee and free auto SSL. gives them a score of 9.5 with 1000+ positive reviews. This makes them the best offshore web host on their platform.

5. Offshore-servers

“Streaming and dedicated servers”

With their datacenter located in Russia and their promissing serverspeeds offshore hosting is a expensive but premium offshore hosting service.

They off multiple anonymous payment methods, standard anti DDoS protection and a free migration service.

When physical security is the most important for you than this will most likely be the safest choice.



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